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Football Trapped in a Goal Net, Close-Up
Back of the net! Photograph: Cocoon/Getty Images
Back of the net! Photograph: Cocoon/Getty Images

Who is the only player with 100 Premier League goals for two clubs? The Saturday quiz

From the A303 to Florence Nightingale, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

The questions

1 Which Eurostar destination is named from the French for “island”?
2 What is covered by a cloth called the kiswa?
3 Which musician wrote Orlam, a verse novel in Dorset dialect?
4 What ubiquitous items are made by De La Rue?
5 Which ship was renamed Panteleimon in 1905?
6 The A303 passes by which ancient monument?
7 Who is the only player with 100 Premier League goals for two clubs?
8 The main asteroid belt lies between which planets’ orbits?
What links:
Waugh and Gardner in 1928; Lautner and Dome in 2022?
10 Heseltine; Prescott; Clegg; Raab; Coffey; Raab again?
11 Ciambella; Bundt; Gugelhupf; Savarin?
12 Ariane Matiakh; Marin Alsop; Alice Farnham; JoAnn Falletta?
13 Schadenfreude; malice; vagabond; congous?
14 Juventus; New York Times; Florence Nightingale; okra?
15 NCR (Canada); NCT (India); ACT (Australia); DC (US)?

Florence Nightingale In The Barrack Hospital At ScutariFlorence Nightingale in the barrack hospital at Scutari, c1880. Engraving made c1880 showing the barrack hospital during the 1850s
Florence Nightingale in the Scutari hospital during the war in Crimea. Photograph: Print Collector/Getty Images

The answers

1 Lille.
2 Kaaba in Mecca.
3 PJ Harvey.
4 Banknotes.
5 Battleship Potemkin.
6 Stonehenge.
7 Alan Shearer (Blackburn and Newcastle).
8 Mars and Jupiter.
9 Married couples with same first name: Evelyn; Taylor.
10 Deputy prime ministers.
11 Ring-shaped cakes.
12 Conductors.
13 Hidden African countries: Chad; Mali; Gabon; Congo.
14 Lady nicknames: Old Lady; Gray Lady; Lady with the lamp; lady’s fingers.
15 Capital regions: National Capital Region (Ottawa); National Capital Territory (of Delhi/New Delhi); Australian Capital Territory (Canberra); District of Columbia (Washington).

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